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Chinese scientists try to create 'perfect listener'</custom grocery tote bagsTitle> <Content> <p>BEIJING -- Imagine walking on the street as two women in front of you chat about a new shop, a dog barks behind you, and a police siren wails on the corner.</p> <p>You turn towards the police car to see what's happening. When the siren fades out, you realize that the dog is still barking and passersby are still chatting.</p> <p>[MG_SEO]Unknowingly you have found a solution to a problem that has evaded computers for more than half a century: the cocktail party effect.</p> <p>The cocktail party effect is the phenomenon of the brain's ability to focus one's auditory attention on a particular stimulus while filtering out a range of other stimuli, as when a party-goer focuses on a single conversation in a noisy room. Listeners have the ability to segregate different stimuli into different streams, and subsequently decide which streams are most pertinent to them.</p> <p>This ability is innate to humans, but alien to computers. Scientists have spent decades trying different approaches to give computers that ability.</p> <p>Now researchers at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are closer to solving the problem by developing a deep neural network.</p> <p>They have designed an auditory attention selection model that enables computers to single out useful audio signals from interference signals.</p> <p>If computers can master the cocktail party effect, it would have a wide range of potential uses.</p> <p>For instance, we could tell our destination to the automatic ticket machine in a noisy subway, and buy a ticket immediately. Or you could order a robot in the kitchen to bring you a cup of tea when you are watching the TV up loud.</p> </Content> <Tag></Tag></br><a href="">wristbands for sale</a></br> <a href="">power balance silicone wristband</a></br> <a href="">palestine silicone wristband</a></br> <a href="">cancer wristbands</a></br> <a href="">uv silicone wristband</a></br> <a href="">personalized silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">nike silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">silicone bracelets custom cheap</a></br> <a href="">silicone diabetic bracelets</a></br> <a href="">cheap silicone wristband printing</a></br> <a href="">diy silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">custom silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">24 wristbands</a></br> <a href="">printable wristbands</a></br> <a href="">ctr silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">party city wristbands</a></br> <a href="">make your own silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">colored wristbands</a></br> <a href="">customize silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">custom wristbands</a></br> <a href="">silicone bracelets bulk</a></br> <a href="">atheist silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">custom wristbands no minimum</a></br> <a href="">nike silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">cool wristbands</a></br> <a href="">crps silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">24 wristbands</a></br> <a href="">silicone bracelets cheap</a></br> <a href="">power balance silicone wristband</a></br> <a href="">cheap silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">pierce the veil silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">nike silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">nike silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">make custom silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">customize silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">imprinted silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">rubber silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">1d silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">custom made silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">breast cancer awareness wristbands</a></br> <a href="">24 hour wristbands</a></br> <a href="">wristbands with a message</a></br> <a href="">silicone wristbands</a></br> <a href="">sxsw 2017 wristbands</a></br> <a href="">wholesale wristbands</a></br> <a href="">colon cancer silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">where to buy wristbands</a></br> <a href="">create your own silicone wristband</a></br> <a href="">personalized silicone bracelets</a></br> <a href="">silicone bracelets amazon</a></br> </p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>